What is News?


News is the communication of current events, information and stories to the public through various media channels. It plays a vital role in society by informing and educating the people about local, national and international issues that affect their lives.

The classic definition of news is that it should be new, surprising and interesting. However, this definition is not always applicable. For example, if a bug is damaging crops in a society that eats insects for food, then this bug is newsworthy even though it is not unusual.

Often times news is used as entertainment, which can be done by providing an entertaining headline and/or by using a dramatic or humorous tone. However, this is not the primary function of news, which should focus on informing and educating readers, listeners and viewers. Entertainment should come from other areas – music and drama on radio, crossword puzzles in newspapers and magazines, etc.

When writing a news article, it is important to ask yourself the “5 W’s” – who, what, where, when and why. This will help you decide what is most important and will help you find a unique angle for your article.

Unless your article is for a professional publication, it is a good idea to let another person read it before sending it off. This will help with spelling and grammatical errors as well as ensure that the facts in the article are correct. It is also a good idea to use common vocabulary in your article and avoid jargon unless it is necessary.

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