The Elements of Good News


News is information about current events, obtained from everywhere at every moment and presented to the people as it happens. It is often a tool of propaganda and can spread communism on one hand or preach nationalism on the other. News has the ability to influence the public in a very negative way, however, it also can be an instrument for development if used wisely.

The most important factor in a news article is grabbing the reader’s attention. This is accomplished by using a headline that grabs the reader’s interest and sets the tone for the rest of the article. The next element is the subject matter of the story itself. This is usually the most subjective part of the article and the reporter’s opinion plays a big role in how the story is told. Finally, the writer must be able to convey all of the pertinent facts about the topic in a brief and concise manner.

The types of stories that make news vary widely depending on the medium, from international to local. For example, national newspapers tend to focus on things that effect the general population and have a wider audience. Local papers typically cover issues that affect a smaller population, such as local crime or political elections.

A good news story should contain three key elements: Objectivity, Fairness and Balance. Objectivity means that the published news must be without any personal bias. Fairness requires that the journalist access both sides of the story before reporting it to their audience. Balanced news is an objective report that includes opposing viewpoints on the subject and identifies people who hold them.

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