Healthy Relationships


Relationships are close connections that can be romantic or platonic. The word relationship can also describe interactions between people and groups, such as countries, companies, or schools. In a personal sense, relationships can involve feelings of affection, respect, and trust. A healthy relationship is based on mutually satisfying expectations. A person’s needs may change over time, and healthy relationships can be flexible to accommodate those changes.

When someone falls in love, they often become very attached to their partner. This attachment can cause them to sacrifice their own interests and put the needs of their partner first. Occasionally, this can lead to toxic and unhealthy relationships. Whether they are married, dating, or living in a cohabitating arrangement, healthy couples make an effort to communicate effectively. They share information about their day and remember important details about each other’s lives. They take care of each other’s physical and emotional health, and they have a balance between giving and receiving affection and attention. They have an open dialogue about sex and intimacy, and they avoid using negative language in front of each other.

People in unhealthy relationships often find themselves feeling tired and stressed. They can be resentful of the way their partner treats them or have trouble expressing their feelings. They may feel like their needs are not being met and have difficulty identifying when it’s time to end the relationship. Warning signs include a lack of communication, making excuses to avoid spending time together, and becoming distant and uninterested in one another.

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