Business Services

Business services are any non-product-related activities that support a business but do not produce tangible commodities. They may include support for an organization’s business processes, its information technology infrastructure and/or the creation or maintenance of an employee self-service portal. Essentially, they are the support functions that enable a company to be productive and profitable.

Examples of business services include a travel agency that arranges airline tickets for employees or an accounting firm that provides financial consulting. However, the most common and important business services are those that assist in meeting customers’ needs. This includes language and technical assistance for clients who are unfamiliar with the ways of a given company or industry. These businesses help companies build relationships with clients and encourage customer loyalty by providing a personalized experience.

Outsourcing business services is a great way for companies to save money while focusing on their strategic-based internal goals. Besides, it allows them to tap into the expertise of service providers. This is especially helpful when dealing with high-risk tasks, such as a construction project that requires specialized skills and equipment.

The business services industry has grown tremendously as a result of technological advancements and new communication infrastructures. It is now possible for businesses to offer their services over the Internet and mobile phones. With the rapid growth of this sector, new startups are popping up with innovative ideas and business solutions. Some of these include online booking, quoting work, scheduling jobs, and invoicing.

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