What Makes News

News is information that relates to people and things, including politics, crime, war, religion, economics, weather, sports, the environment, fashion and entertainment. The way that news is presented can make it more interesting to read, more exciting or more important and can affect the audience’s perception of what is significant.

The content of what makes news varies between societies and can also change over time. For example, if one society is interested in the number of cows and pigs killed by a collapsed farm wall and another is more interested in the artist who painted it, this difference will influence whether the story makes the news.

If the news is about an event that is important or has a high impact, it will be reported on and viewed as major news in many countries. However, if the event is not considered to be very important, it may not receive much attention and may only appear in local news.

When deciding what to report on, journalists consider the following elements:

Generally, news stories must be written so that they will be read and understood by the largest possible audience. This means that the language used must be understandable by the ordinary person, with a minimum of technical terms and jargon.

Readers often lose interest in news if it is too long and repetitive. Therefore, the main points of the story should be clearly and concisely presented in a clear and interesting manner.

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