What Is News?


The term “news” refers to a series of events in a society or country that influence a wide audience. The aim of a news story is to inform and educate readers. It must be accurate, fair, and free from outside influence. A variety of models explain how news is produced, including the Mirror Model, which states that the purpose of news is to reflect reality. Another model, called the Organizational Model, focuses on applying pressure to governmental processes.

According to Reuven Frank, the former NBC News president, “news is what the government says it is.” In a detailed account of the United Nations’ operation in Somalia, Rosenblum claims that the German air force was far more efficient than the U.S. forces in delivering aid, but that few American readers or listeners knew this.

Galtung and Ruge also expanded the range of newspapers they studied. As a result, they could study the changing media landscape, and how audiences select and use news. For example, the proliferation of social media such as Facebook and Twitter has changed the way news stories are distributed. As a result, journalists’ choices of stories are increasingly influenced by audience recommendations and sharing.

News is a series of articles that discuss current events, which are new and fresh to the public. As news is fresh, it attracts more readers. The most effective news is a factual account of an event and is written in an objective manner. The news reporter is not required to add any comment, but that is considered the writer’s right in an editorial or column.

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