What is News?

News is important information that affects or interests people. It can be a story about a disaster or accident, or about a famous person. It may be read in a newspaper, seen on TV or radio, or told by someone at work.

The word “News” comes from the Latin “nova” meaning new things. New things happen every day, so a lot of news is needed to keep up with what’s going on in the world. However, not all information is news. News must be interesting and accurate to attract readers. It’s also important for journalists to strike a balance between providing enough information to educate, and not so much that the reader becomes overwhelmed.

Historically, most news has been initiated by the government. This has been true for both domestic and international news. However, in recent years the news media has become more independent and less reliant on government sources for information. News aggregators, such as Google News, often provide first-hand reporting that is not always available in traditional newspapers.

In addition to stories about people, places and events, people are interested in their own lives, so they are interested in stories that relate to them. For example, they are interested in the weather and what it does to their daily activities. They are also interested in how their favourite sports teams perform, especially when they win or lose. Entertainment is a big interest as well, so stories about music, dance, theatre and carving are all considered newsworthy. People are also interested in the lives of famous people, their careers and lifestyles, particularly if they are involved in scandals or if they fall from power or lose their money.

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