What Is News?

News is a term that refers to any information or event that has become public. It is a form of communication that is transmitted through various mediums such as print, radio, television and the Internet.

Definitions of news vary widely, but some general principles apply to most forms of news reporting. These include timeliness, drama, consequence, proximity and narrative.

Timeliness: The main aim of a news story is to give people the latest news about what has happened in a timely manner. This is why most news stories begin with a lead, which is usually a brief statement of the most significant facts about the story.

Drama: A good news story should make the reader want to know more about it. This can be done by presenting the story in an exciting way, as well as by providing an element of mystery.

Consequence: The most important aspect of news is that it has a direct impact on people’s lives. This is especially true when a crisis or accident occurs, or when there is a political upheaval.

Proximity: Another key feature of news is that it often affects people in close geographical proximity, whether it be local, national or global. This can be due to a war, political upheaval, earthquake or other disasters.

Narrative: Finally, a good news story is not just about the facts, but also includes some commentary or opinion. This may be written by the reporter or by the author of the article.

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