What Is Law?


Law is the set of rules that a society develops and enforces in order to deal with crime, business agreements, and social relationships. It covers everything from sex crimes to tax laws, and it ensures that all people are treated equally. If you break the law, you may face punishments such as fines or jail time. There are also a number of professions that deal with the law, such as lawyers and judges.

The legal system is made up of five different categories: public law, private law, criminal law, civil law and administrative law. Each category of law has its own purpose and goal. Public law deals with offenses that affect the community as a whole, such as obscene phone calls or theft. Civil law focuses on the rights of individuals, such as the right to property or the right to privacy. Criminal law addresses the violation of an individual’s liberty, such as murder or robbery. Civil rights protect the individual, such as the right to vote or freedom of religion.

Private law covers the laws that govern the relationship between individuals. This includes things like tort law, which compensates individuals when they or their property is harmed, and criminal law, which addresses violations against the person. In addition, there is estate law, which allows for the transfer of ownership of property; contract law, which covers enforceable contracts; and agency law, which gives people power to act on behalf of others.

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