What is Law?


Law is a set of rules that govern a community. It is a system that helps people make decisions and protects them from unfair treatment.

The word “Law” comes from the Latin word lex, which means “law”. It is a set of rules that is made by a government that citizens must follow or face severe consequences.

What is the difference between law and regulation?

The difference between law and regulation is that law sets up rules that will govern a person’s behavior. It also allows for people to take a stand against someone who is breaking the rules.

A person can break the law by stealing, and they will be punished for it. They will have to pay fines or be jailed depending on the laws of that place.

Rule of Law

The rule of law is a set of rules that are created to ensure that all people are treated equally. The rule of law is a legal system that is based on fairness and procedural equality.

Definition of law

A set of rules that is made by a group of people in order to make the society run better and protects its citizens from being harmed. There are different types of law, like criminal law, civil law, and family law. Each one has its own specific purpose and deals with a particular problem.

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