What Is Fashion?


Fashion is the way that a person dresses and the styles that are popular in a particular era. It can also refer to the general way a group of people dresses, and is usually linked to social movements and trends in music, art and culture. Fashion can even be viewed as a form of communication, since the clothes that people wear often tell something about them, for example, how a person dresses might be an indicator of their political views.

Generally, fashion is something that is influenced by outside sources, such as celebrities, music, television shows and magazines. This information is then shared amongst the population, and over time a certain style becomes more or less popular. People who are considered to be fashionable are usually those who have good taste in clothing, and can often spot the new trends before everyone else. However, it is important to remember that fashion is subjective, and that a person’s tastes are highly personal, and can therefore change over time.

In addition to influencing clothing trends, fashion can also influence other aspects of life, such as makeup, jewellery and hairstyles. It can also influence food and drink trends, and it is a huge part of the entertainment industry, with movies, music and television all reflecting and shaping what is popular at any given time. Fashion is also a form of art, with designers and artists creating pieces that incorporate elements of style and trends. Fashion can also be used as a means of social protest, with the trend towards tighter pants and more body-hugging garments being seen as an expression of women’s rights.

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