What Is a Team Sport?

Team sport is a category of sports in which players compete as members of a group, rather than individually. These teams may have one or more coaches and typically are regulated by an organization (e.g. a school athletic department, professional league or national association).

Playing a team sport teaches children how to interact with people who have different opinions and skillsets than they do. This is a great way to prepare them for the competitive world they will encounter in school, their career and beyond.

Kids also learn how to collaborate and work as part of a group in order to be successful. Whether it’s working with classmates, co-workers or family members, team sports can teach them how to communicate effectively and work together to achieve a common goal.

Working on a team requires discipline both tactically and mentally. This teaches children self-restraint, which can help them in life to avoid unproductive or impulsive decisions during stressful situations.

Working on a team also teaches kids how to be a good sport, regardless of the outcome of a competition. No one likes a sore loser or an obnoxious winner, and participating in a team sport teaches kids to accept defeat with grace and come out stronger after a setback. It also teaches them that they can make a contribution to their team, even if they aren’t fast enough to be the star of the competition. This is especially important for youth track athletes, where a single leg in the 4×400 relay can help their club win the championship.

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