Traveling and Hotels – How to Choose the Right Hotel

Traveling and hotels are one of the most important parts of any trip, no matter if it’s for business or leisure. Your accommodations are the setting for the whole experience, and can have a significant impact on your overall enjoyment of the trip.

Whether you’re a budget backpacker, a luxury seeker, or somewhere in between, the hotel you choose will make all the difference in how much you enjoy your trip. Here are some tips on how to choose the right hotel for your next journey.

1. Pay attention to the hidden fees.

Often times, hotels and resorts will charge extra fees that are not included in the quoted rate. These can include resort fees, amenity fees and more. Read the fine print carefully, and ask about these charges before you book. You may be surprised at what you find!

2. Choose a hotel that is close to the things you want to do.

Many travelers choose to stay in hotels or resorts because they want to be close to the things they want to do on their trip. Choosing a hotel that is close to the activities you plan on doing can save you a lot of time and money.

3. Research the hotel’s reviews and ratings before you book.

AHLA recommends that all hotel guests research the hotels they are considering before booking. Using websites like Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Google reviews can help you make the best choice for your vacation.

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