Traveling and Hotels

When you travel, there are many factors to consider, from where to stay to what activities to do. The hotel you choose will make a significant impact on your vacation experience.

In the days before the internet, finding a good hotel was often a process of calling several hotels or relying on a guidebook to find lodgings that fit your needs. Then came the era of digitalization, and now travelers have a lot more choice than ever before when it comes to accommodations.

Whether it’s a luxury resort or a budget motel, the choices are endless. However, knowing what to look for can help you narrow down your options and make a decision that is right for you.

Before booking, check out the photos on the website or in the app. It’s not uncommon for hotels to show only the most impressive rooms, but you may be pleasantly surprised by how different the rooms actually are in reality.

Some hotels are also known for their amenities, such as free WiFi or shuttle service to the airport. Others may be known for their fitness centers or yoga mats in the room. And some even offer special programs for women travelers like Hyatt Has It, which offers items like Woolite, hairspray and deodorant, as well as tea kettles, irons and straighteners to borrow.

While globalization, digitalization, sustainability and the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted all parts of the travel and tourism sector, each segment is affected differently. The accommodation industry, for example, is seeing a shift towards home-sharing and Airbnb, while the hospitality market as a whole is seeing an increase in blended travel, with people tacking vacation days on to business trips or visiting friends locally for leisure.

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