Relationships – The Work That Goes Into Building a Healthy Relationship


Relationships are a central component to a happy and fulfilling life. They provide us with the emotional support needed to get through life’s challenges and to pursue our goals. People who have positive relationships are generally more resilient to stress and are better equipped to take risks in their lives.

There are many different types of relationships that we develop throughout our lifetime, some of which are romantic. Romantic relationships offer us the opportunity to open our hearts to another person, and connect with them on an intimate level. This intimacy includes sex and physical connection, but it can also include emotional comfort and bonding. Intimacy can be a powerful force in a relationship, and can heal us when we are hurt.

Healthy relationships are mutual, and involve respect. They are about embracing each other’s differences, and being supportive even when it doesn’t fully align with our own interests. They are also about working together, and sharing the burden of everyday responsibilities like work, bills, and chores.

At Love is Respect, we know that some people stay in relationships that aren’t very healthy because they believe that healthy relationships take a lot of “work.” But the type of work that a relationship requires doesn’t have to be hard or exhausting. It could be the same kind of work you put into a hobby, or a school project that you’re really passionate about. The work should be enjoyable and fun, not stressful and burdensome.

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