How to Write a News Article


News is anything that makes people say, “Gee Whiz!”

Usually it is something exciting and unexpected. But sometimes it can also be a bit scary, like if someone gets hurt or a crime is committed.

In addition, the media has always been able to influence public opinion on certain topics. This can be done through the use of a variety of methods, such as broadcasters, newspapers, and magazines.

To write a news article, first you need to research the topic. This will help you create an interesting and unique article.

Once you’ve researched the topic, it’s time to draft an outline for your article. This will give you a framework for your article and make it easier to write.

A good outline will include the following: a snappy headline that captures the reader’s attention, information about your audience, and the impact you want to have on their lives.

Writing Above the Fold

Traditionally, newspapers put all of their biggest and most important stories at the top of the page. When writing an article online, it’s best to follow this same format. Placing the most important and interesting information at the top of your article will encourage your readers to keep reading.

Newspaper Agenda:

A newspaper’s agenda is what sets the paper apart from other publications, and this has a significant impact on the selection of news that it reports (Harcup and O’Neill 2001). This can also affect the choices made by journalists when they select their stories.

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