Gale OneFile Articles on Home Improvement

Home improvement refers to the renovation or alteration of a residential building. This includes the addition of new rooms and changes to existing ones, as well as the installation of items like heating and cooling systems, insulation, siding and wall-to-wall carpeting. In the United States, it also includes a wide variety of other changes to real property, such as paving the driveway, adding a fence or installing an irrigation system.

The Gale OneFile database has articles on many different topics related to Home improvement. These include remodeling trends, cost-effective improvements that increase value, and tips for DIY projects. The database also covers important issues such as safety and avoiding scams.

In the current climate, more homeowners are choosing to stay put and instead invest in their houses. This means making improvements that make their homes fit their lifestyles and feel new again. These changes are often more affordable than buying a new house, and they can still add up to significant increases in home value.

Homeowners who decide to hire contractors should always compare bids. They should ask to see licenses and insurance documents as well as check references. Homeowners should also set a payment schedule and stick to it. This will help prevent contractors from trying to charge more than they agreed upon. Homeowners should also make sure that the contract contains a timeline for when work will be completed and the specific details of the project, such as types or brands of materials.

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