Automobiles are self-propelled vehicles that use energy from burning fuel to drive the wheels. Most burn a chemical fuel, such as gasoline (petrol), but some use electrical power stored in batteries. The amount of energy sent to the wheels is measured by the engine or motor’s power, usually in kilowatts or horsepower.

The automobile is an important mode of transportation in most societies. It allows people to travel long distances in relatively little time. It also changes the way people live, work and play. It allows them to visit relatives in other cities, states or countries and it gives families the opportunity to spend more quality time together.

While the automobile was originally invented in Germany and France toward the end of the 19th century, it took Henry Ford to revolutionize its production and make the car affordable to the middle class. This allowed it to become a staple of American life.

The invention of the automobile has greatly changed American culture and society in many ways. It has opened new jobs and opportunities, and it has also given people more freedom to do what they want.

Today, the car is the most common form of transportation in the world. It is used for many different purposes, from going to the store to traveling around the country. There are special cars for various purposes, such as crane vehicle at the construction site of building and road roller in road construction and fork-lift at a warehouse.

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