Types of News

News is information about events occurring in the world that affect people. The information may be about a natural disaster, war or terrorist attack. It can also be about political events, social issues or economic problems. News articles must be accurate and objective. They should be written in an interesting way so that the reader will be compelled to read them. The article should also include quotes from credible sources.

A good news story must meet five criteria: it must be new, unusual, interesting, significant and about people. A story that meets all of these criteria is likely to be considered the most important news item of the day. However, the same event can have different news values depending on where it occurs. For example, a coup in the neighbouring country may be of greater significance than one in the United States.

Generally, it is easier to write a news story about something that has already happened than to report on a future event. That is because the event has already been filtered through social networks and can be confirmed by other media outlets.

The most popular types of news are celebrity, sports and politics. People are interested in what famous people do, where they go and their personal lives. They are also interested in stories about food, drink and the weather. In addition, they are interested in news about health, hospitals and clinics, traditional remedies, diseases and drugs. Finally, all societies are interested in sex news, even though it is rarely talked about openly.

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